Cambion - Horned half-demons, the cambion are known for their ability to link with the cold fire of the Otherworld.  They are passionate about questions of morality and, for good or evil, make for dedicated allies or formidable enemies.

Eldani - Faerie Elves also known as the Aesidhe, the Eldani take advantages from both their elven and fae ancestry. 

The Feral - Created long ago as the ultimate creatures, Feral are animal-hybrids.  In the intervening years, many have continued their Creator's quest, stitching the parts of stronger creatures to their own flesh, always seeking to become the ultimate creature.

Human - When The Land first appeared here, most of those who lived there were Human, and they remain the most populous and most politically powerful.  

Morrigan - Descended from the Crow warriors of the True Queen, these faeborn warriors are literally born for war.  Leather and bone, fire and blood, these are the signatures of the Morrigan.

Taltoi - When a fairy spirit possesses and extinguishes a mortal fetus in the womb, the child that is born is a Taltoi, otherworldly, alien, and often terrifying.

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A note on costuming:  We know that everyone's physical reality, comfort level, preferences, and capabilities are different, so there are no one-size-fits-all racial requirements. It will be possible to intermix Breeds freely. Each physical/visual aspect of a breed can be included or left out, bringing different levels of benefits to the player.


If you want to play a character that is ancestrally and culturally Cambion but looks human, that's fine. If you don't like or can't use prosthetics, you don't have to use them. If you hate face paint, don't use any. If you want to show up in stilts and contacts and stiletto fingernails and 8 kinds of prosthetics, that's great! We're happy for people who want to, can afford to, and have the physical capability to bring that kind of flavor into the game to do so, and that will be rewarded and encouraged, but everyone gets to customize their character's appearance at a level of effort that works for them.​