Fighter - Masters of weaponry and war, Fighters are meant to stand on the front line and take hits.  Their Powers focus on survival and crowd control, keeping attention on them.

Mage - Arcane specialists who can dish out blasts of energy, protect their allies, or learn the very secrets of the universe.  Although they have limited power, their spells give them massive offensive and defensive strength.

Necromancer - Masters of the undead, there are two types of Necromancers: The White, who obey the laws of the First Lich and use the undead as a tool in his name.  The Black, who cast The Breaking and take the path of the Dark Powers on the way to Lichdom themselves.

Slayer - Warriors who specialize in sending the Living Dead back to the Long Sleep.  Their Powers are focused on disrupting the undead and dealing with the supernatural threats that plague the People.

Thieves - Traps, stealth, the soft sound of a knife sliding into an enemy from behind, these are the skills of the Thief.  Their ability to avoid damage and dish out enormous spikes of pain make them a necessary part of any group.

Warder - Divine casters who call upon the strength of the First Lich to keep the People safe.  They specialize in healing and protective magic and are the bane of all who would harness the powers of death.

Wisen - Crafters, smiths, wisewomen, storytellers; the Wisen have the ability to brew elixirs, repair armor, or even sense the future.