Code of Conduct: There are a few principles of conduct within Geas games. These are numbered for easy reference and will be applicable for any game run under the Geas system.

  1. Romantic and physical contact consent procedures will always be followed as appropriate, and OK Checks will be respected (these procedures are described in the section below).  There never should be physical contact between players unless it is amenable to both players, and this has been agreed expressly in advance.

  2. There is absolutely no behavior of any kind allowed that would be deemed derogatory to a person's race, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender, body, national origin, age, ability, or other self-identity. This includes language, actions, and all out-of-game (OOG) communication. Although this rule applies only to players, not characters, it is important to note that any action which makes a player uncomfortable should be avoided. If needed, an out-of-game conversation should be had between the players to define boundaries of the in-game actions.   Note that all-over coloration in make-up is not allowed and doing so on purpose would constitute being derogatory in this way.

  3. Non-consensual sexual behavior does not exist in the game world, and players should not include it in backstories, nor should they discuss it, speculate about it, or expect to find it in any plot, lore, or gameplay options, even through out-of-game consent between players. It simply does not exist. Consensual sexual behavior exists between adults, and is entirely subject to both the physical and romantic roleplay negotiation policies.

  4. Sexual conversations and roleplay must not include minors, and it is the burden of the roleplayer initiating the topic to ascertain that everyone participating in a conversation is both willing and of age.

  5. No adult can be alone with a minor for whom they are not responsible.  If such a dynamic occurs, it is up to the adult to immediately return to a populated area and get backup from other adults.  Alone is considered any place out of the view of others. Ignoring this requirement can be grounds for immediate expulsion from the game for the adult.

  6. Although the game may attempt to engender feelings of danger and threat, no player should ever make any other player or staff member feel unsafe or threatened.  In-game threats should be worded so they are clearly in-game. Also, keep safety in mind. Making sure that people are safe in a fight, or feel comfortable in a scene, is more important than winning the fight or creating an immersive experience.  In most cases, use of recreational drugs, alcohol, smoking/vaping is also restricted for safety reasons.

  7. The property of players must be respected.  Please do not take things that do not belong to you or treat other people's property in an abusive or damaging way.  If your character is taking or using the property of other characters, the default assumption is that it is alright for you to do so, as long as the property is treated well.  The player that owns the items can ask that they not be used, that replacement representations (or "reps") be sought, or that you simply don't mess with their stuff.

  8. Out-of-game community behavior is expected to follow these codes as well.  Topics that may be felt as bullying or triggering (such as discussions of incest, abuse, rape, or violence) may be discussed privately, but not in public channels where the buy-in and comfort levels of on-lookers cannot be appropriately judged and adjusted for.  Accusations of improper behavior should be made to staff and handled with the people in question, not brought to the community at large; such actions will be considered to be bullying.


Reporting: If you as a player ever feel unsafe, uncomfortable, harassed, or mistreated, we encourage you to discuss the issue with a member of staff: a member of the Player Coordination team, the Safety Officer, or one of the Owners.  Please tell that staff member immediately if you would like to remain anonymous throughout this process.  Although anonymous reports will have some constraints that open reports will not have, your identity will be protected as much as possible if that is your desire.  Any immediate or urgent concerns will be immediately dealt with, which may include pulling all involved parties out of game. The report will be investigated and all parties will be given their say.  When mediation is called for, we feel that it is our responsibility to assist in making sure that everyone is having an excellent experience, but harm to others will not be allowed. If we find that the code of conduct is being willfully violated, we reserve the right to address the issue in the way that best serves the needs and safety of our players, up to and including banning players who are unwilling or unable to play safely.  Those who are removed and/or banned will be given a refund of their game fee for that Event and any other Events they have pre-paid for, upon request. A full report of what actions were taken will be returned to the original reporting party.


Gender and Orientation: In all Geas games, we respect the choice of a player to portray a character of any gender or any orientation on the spectrum.  When portraying any gender or orientation, especially ones that differ from your self-identity, please be respectful of the portrayal, and, if you have questions or concerns, please reach out to a staff member.  Caricatures of any gender or orientation will be treated as harassment and not tolerated regardless of whether or not the performance was aimed towards a particular player.