Step 1: Registration Form

Complete the registration form found here for the event. This will help us gauge our player count, sleeping arrangement, dietary restriction and other information to assist staff. You will need to fill out this form once for each event.


Step 2: Payment

Please make sure you have paid for the game via the Storefront. The cost is $130 per event.  


Step 3: Character Cards

All players must go to the Character Builder Sheet and make a copy of the blank card. Fill out your character card and add it to your Player Folder Here. Your folder will be nested inside your house if you have one, if you have not selected a team or are unaligned it will be in unaligned by default  Please leave your character builder as a google sheet and name it “Player Name-Event Month” (You will need to save a new copy for each event so we know it has been uploaded.) If you don’t have a player folder yet created, let logistics know and we will create one for you (they are usually created after the registration form is first filled out). Please note if you change your cards after the dates below we cannot guarantee logistics will have the updated card printed at game for you. For the October game, we are requesting all players use the latest version of the character builder (v2.5)


Payment, Prices (includes full meal plan) and Due Dates:

Game #2 (October 28th-30th) - $130 Pay Here


-- Character Cards, Payment and Pre-reg form due Sunday October 8th @ Midnight

Game #3 (November 18th-20th) - $130 Pay Here

-- Character Cards, Payment and Pre-reg form due Sunday November 6th @ Midnight


Step 4: Vaccine Information

All players must follow the instructions at to send Logistics your vaccine information. If you attended mod day or gave vaccine information to logistics early fall 2021 you are NOT covered, we are requiting proof of booster. You will get one courtesy email ahead of the event. Failure to follow this protocol will lead to your event fee being refunded and the player being unable to participate in the event.  The deadline for getting this to Logistics is Sunday September 11th at Midnight. Please be flexible with us as this may change as we get closer to September, we will make announcements and follow up with any changes. 


Step 5: Waivers

Currently we are accepting legal release waivers that were completed and given to logistics at previous events; however, if a player did not attend a previous event or otherwise provide us a waiver, we need a copy. JCC also requires their own waiver to be signed. Please follow instructions here for both waivers. 


Step 6: Character History(Optional)

You are encouraged to submit your character history to Plot so they may know more about your character.  Please add a google doc of your character history in your player folder HereTo get CP for this it must be completed by October 8th at Midnight. This is only for new players.


Step 7: Aesthetics (Optional)

If you are spending breed points you need approval for your chosen reps for them. Please add a folder or document with links or images of your planned flaw and how you are repping it to your Player Folder Here. If you have any questions please reach out to aesthetics via discord or


If you wish to NPC, please 

Registration FAQ:


Q: Are there refunds for games I’ve paid for and cannot attend?


A: Yes.  We try our best to offer refunds when we can.  If you cancel at least two weeks prior to the event, email for a refund.  If it's within the two week window we will do what we can to refund your money but may not be able to refund all of it due to having to pre-purchase food.


Q: What does ‘full meal coverage’ mean?


A: We have a simple meal on Friday night, three meals on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday morning.  You can find out more information on our Meal Plan page.


 Q: What if I have a dietary allergy and can’t participate in the food plan? 


A: Just let us know at and we will refund the food portion of the ticket and work with you on a location to store and prepare your food for the weekend.  

Q: How do I sign up to be an NPC? 


A: If you don't wish to PC and wish to help out NPCing, you can contact Trace M (our Monster Camp Mistress) and she'll get you on our list.  You can reach out to her through our discord or you can email her at



Mandi M.

Head of Logistics