Update 5/29/2020 ​

So as you know, we have been doing a lot of communication with our community regarding Hollow Dawn and COVID-19, trying to do both the safe decision for our community as well making sure we are making smart fiscal decisions.  With that being said, we have decided to postpone our games until 2021.  This was not an easy decision to come to, but after looking at the evidence out there, and at the survey results, we thought it was the most prudent decision.  

We haven't gotten new dates for 2021, the Girl Scouts only alllow you to book one year out.  Right now our plan is to have a game in late May/early June, Mid July and End of August/Beginning of September.  As soon as we have new dates, we will let you know.



Q: What if I already paid my game fee?

A: If you already paid your game fee, you can either request a refund, or we can hold it and roll it over to the game series next year.  You can reach out to for more information.  

Q: What if I donated to the gofundme?

A: Honest answer here, most of that money we've already spend to cover props and supplies leading up to the three games.  We would prefer to just have your rewards roll over to next year.  If you would like a refund, contact Mike at and he'll make sure you get reimbursed.

Q: Are we going to have any other activities this year for Hollow Dawn?

A: ​We aren't sure.  We have decide to put the project mostly on hiatus for the next 2 months so that people can connect with their families, friends during this pandemic.  In 2 months the plan is Steering Committee will meet and look at the situation here in Colorado.  That may mean some activities in the fall, but for now, we aren't sure what that looks like.

Thank you,
Mike, William, Dia, Taylor, Mac, and Jeff

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