Update 8/29/2022 - Covid Protocols

Hello Everyone,


I know a lot of us are excited to get back into LARPing again and start getting our feet wet and our kit out. As has been previously stated, all staff and players are required to be fully vaccinated (2 shot series for Moderna and Pfizer or 1 shot for Janssen) and boosted unless they have a medical reason for exemption. In this vein, I will be tracking that I have been shown proof of vaccination; further down, I will list your options of what and how to share this with me. However, I want to let everyone know that I will be recording this in a locked-for-logistics-only folder, and archiving in the logistics-only email. I worked in healthcare for 15 years and understand the importance of handling delicate patient information. All I will be tracking on the sheet is your full name, if you are vaccinated, which vaccine and dates of receipt OR that I have been given a reason for exemption. For a medical exemption, you must email logistics a doctor's note that includes your full name and that you are unable to be vaccinated. Those who are considered medically exempt must provide proof of a negative PCR test 72 hours before the event. If there is something about this process that makes you uncomfortable, please feel free to reach out to me via DM on Discord or the logistics email; however, we are committed to running a game that is safe for all of our players and staff so there will definitely be a necessity to share information. 


Here are your options for getting your vaccine record to me:


  1. Email a copy of the front of your vaccine card to with the subject line of your first and last name and Vaccine. If there is any reason why your name is different, please include in the body of the email that your legal name is X but you go by Y so as to help keep me from being confused. 

  2. Email a copy of your vaccination record found at to with the subject line of your first and last name and Vaccine --Note for this: I have been married for 4 years, and it still has my maiden name, so if you get no results you may need to adjust the name. If you have changed your name from what is on here please let me know the name you register for events under when sending this in.

  3. Email a snapshot of your vaccination card using the MyColorado App on your smartphone to with the subject line of your first and last name and Vaccine -- Note: I am unable to use this to pull my own records, I assume because of the note I mentioned in 2, so keep in mind this may not work for you.

  4. Show me your physical vaccine card front in person at fighter practices. I will take a photograph of it to archive in Google Drive and then delete it off of my phone. 

  5. If you are out of state, you will need to do step 1 to get your data to me, unless your state has a verifiable equivalent of 2 or 3 above.

If you do not get your vaccine information to me while having sent your character card/pre-reg/payment I will email you as a courtesy to follow up. If you do not respond or follow protocols, two weeks before the event you will be refunded and unregistered for the game. We are taking the health and safety of all players seriously and will not be accepting excuses or poor compliance on this matter. 

Thank you all for your understanding and patience during this time as we try to get back into LARPing. Again please reach out to me or Steercom if you have any questions or concerns.

Mandi Markowitz- Head of Logistics