Update 1/30/2021 ​

Dear Hollow Dawn Community,

With the start of the new year, we just want to say that this project, and the community it’s created has really given us hope about the possibilities of LARP in Colorado. We know that we’ve all had a rough year, with COVID, and the political climate around the US. It hasn’t been easy. The Steering Committee recently met and discussed whether we could take the risk to try and run Hollow Dawn in 2021, push it to 2022, or come up with another solution. 

While there is a lot up in the air with COVID right now, one thing that the Steering Committee is committed to is the safety of our community, of our players. And that means not running our campaign until there is an easily obtainable vaccine that all of our player base will have the opportunity to take advantage of. Looking at CDC projections (which are changing week to week), we don’t think we will see enough of the vaccine until early Summer. The first two vaccines require two doses (Pfizer 3/weeks apart, Modera 4/weeks) and then 7-14 days after that before full protection has kicked in. So, we just don’t think it’s likely that our player base would be protected until mid summer at the earliest.

With those assumptions, we had a couple options: we could either push the entire series to 2022, push it later in 2021, or split the season. In the end our decision was a bit of a hybrid. We decided not to push it later in 2021 mostly because the campsite we were planning to use isn’t great for cold weather camping, nor do we feel like we have enough information about how vaccinations will go. So, our plan is to run the 3-game arc in 2022, in late Spring or early Summer. However, if vaccinations are looking good and supplies are as widely available as we hope, we’d like to have an in-person one-shot camping event of some sort later this year.  What this will look like, we aren’t entirely sure.  It may be one day, it may be two days.  A lot depends on COVID, what campsites we can get and how much staffing and players interest there is.  If you have questions, you are welcome to email or contact us on Discord and we will try and answer them.  Many decisions cannot be made until we see a bit more what the summer vaccine rollout looks like, but we will try and answer what questions you may have.

The upside to all of this (other than the safety of our community) is that it will give us, the staff and the players the time in person to prepare for the games like we had originally intended.  It means that many of our original ideas, including in-person character building workshops, fighter practices, and team meetings will be able to happen with enough time and hopefully in person to make this one of the best experiences we can create. 

We are all sad that this had to be our decision, but for the for the safety of our community, and to guarantee that staff and players who are particularly vulnerable and/or need to work or live with at-risk individuals aren't forced to cancel at the last minute, we think it's for the best.  

Thank you all and again I’m sorry that this has to be the decision.  Stay safe, know that your community is here for you through all the struggles of 2020 and 2021.   

The Hollow Dawn Steering Committee

Dia Campbell
Taylor Kaiman
Mac Fawkes
Jeff Loats
William Haddon
Mike Paxton



Q: What if I already paid my game fee?

A: If you already paid your game fee, you can either request a refund, or we can hold it and roll it over to the game series next year.  You can reach out to for more information.  

Q: What if I donated to the gofundme?

A: Honest answer here, most of that money we've already spend to cover props and supplies leading up to the three games.  We would prefer to just have your rewards roll over to next year.  If you would like a refund, contact Mike at and he'll make sure you get reimbursed.

Q: Are we going to have any other activities this year for Hollow Dawn?

A: ​We hope by the end of the year, things will be under control that we might be able to have a fall/winter overnight game.  A lot depends on what happens with COVID over the next several months.  We will try and give an update sometime in Spring 2021.

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