Costume/Prop Workshops

None Scheduled


PC Fighter Practices/Character Creation​


June 19 - Hollow Dawn Fighter Practice - On June 19th we will be having our first fighter practice of the year.  We have a FB link to the left you can click on for more information.  It will be happening at Squires Park in Westminster.  ​

July 17th - PanLARP Fighter Practice/Picnic - 11:30 am at Squires Park.  Starting at 11:30am we are inviting people to bring food and blankets and all that and hang out and eat and socialize.  There will be fighting for those who want it (system agnostic) and even some fighting instruction for those who want it.  We are asking that people be fully vaccinated + 2 weeks, or wear a mask and keep distant from others.  We will have loaner weapons available if you don't have any yet.  

NPC Meetings/Fighter Practice​

The intention is to have two different times where we are holding NPC fighter practices/meetings to discuss what to expect from Hollow Dawn, to help learn the rules and also to answer any questions that our NPCs may have.  Once we have an idea on the imapcts of COVID-19, we will reschedule these events.​

Hollow Dawn Game Series 

Hollow Dawn will be run over three weekends in the Spring/Summer of 2022.  Hollow Dawn will be held at the Girl Scouts Meadow Mountain Ranch.  The dates are still TBA.

We are still looking at a possible Fall 2021 event in addition to the three game arc, but that is TBA depending on site and Girl Scouts.