The Land is controlled, guided and protected by five Great Houses, given duties and a mandate to aid The People by the First Lich himself.



Player Lead: AJ M.

Colors: Dark Red on Black with White accents

Motto: “Loyalty beyond Life”

To be a part of the House of Straavin is to feel pride. The pride of the House, and the avoidance of things that would bring shame or embarrassment to it, are paramount. Many have said that Straavin is run like a well-oiled enterprise, with a strong hierarchy that gives both support and guidance to those below. The resources that the House commands means that they can spare resources even to the newest members of the Household, and since it is important that those members bring pride and prosperity to the House, they are given the tools to succeed. Surprising some, failure is often looked at as a positive, proof that risks were taken and lessons learned. There is an expectation of excellence and civility for those who would be adopted into the House. Among the house’s most notable outwardly appearances are the badges and emblems of victories past; while any Straavin is a formidable opponent, those with innumerable tokens of pride are forces not to be trifled with. Much worse than failure, in the eyes of the Lords of Straavin, is the bringing of shame. The greatest sin, however, is disloyalty. 


Player Lead: Mac F.

Colors: Crimson, Silver and White

Motto: “At All Costs”

The House of Bathor protects its own. More than any other, the Bathor think of each other as family. While not as large a House as others, they treasure the family feeling so powerfully that recruitment is no trivial affair. Bathor are fiercely and often violently protective of one another, and maintain their House’s security by allowing no wrong to go unanswered. “To cross a Bathor is to cross the House itself”. Although there are some who see this violence as signs of a more barbaric nature, the House has a strong reputation as a center for learning, collecting scrolls, formulae, and books from around the Land.


Player Lead: Amber F.

Colors: Dark Green and Dark Purple

Motto: “Faith Prevails” or “The Lich is the Land and we serve the Land”

There is no House which is more dedicated to the First Lich than Borgias, led by Lord Callix. Words spoken against the First Lich are likely to sit poorly with a Borgias, and, while they are not known for their direct confrontations or force of arms, their methods are often effective nonetheless. For decades, Callix’s daughter, Lucia, has been collecting alchemists at her manor in Dun Wickn.  Being a master alchemist herself, she has built a veritable army of poisoners and elixir-makers, some of whom have been extremely lucrative for the House, especially those few who have learned the secrets behind the creation, seemingly in large batches, of the drug, Bliss. The members of their House seem to have an ability to insinuate themselves into the lives and beds of prominent members of other Houses, and they are known for their trade in the secret information between the towns.  Members of the Household are encouraged to satisfy their personal desires and pursue their own goals and ambitions. There is a decidedly luxurious bent to the Borgias, who prize creature comforts, and more material expressions like beautiful clothing or ornate armors.


Player Lead: Joe S, Haley R.

Colors: Dark Blue and Black

Motto: “Fight every battle”

From the imposing fortress called the Cathedral of Lament in Bretain, House Alucard wages its war against the monsters of the night. Looked upon as impractical, hopelessly naive, and foolishly courageous, the warriors of House Alucard simply persevere, fighting evil without cessation. It is a widely held aphorism that the difference between the highest and lowest ranks of the Household is the ability to compromise. Alucard finds those who are skilled, principled, and good-hearted and makes them uncompromising, ruthless, and committed, before slowly teaching them to make choices, work with the enemy, and play the political game (however badly). Even their relationship with the First Lich is a strange one, as they freely admit that he is “last on the list,'' meaning that when all the other monsters are slain, his turn will come


Player Lead: Jerimiah J

Colors: Dark Grey and Gold

Motto: “Progress through Knowledge”

Unlike the other Great Houses, which were built on ancient bloodlines and titles which likely can be traced back to before the Land itself, House Lectr is selfmade from the commoner class. When the Land first resolved, there was mass confusion, as the new and the old clashed and warped. Many lent force of arms to aid the People, others magic. In all that, though, a woman by the name of Imilce Lectr believed in a different path. She was vastly wealthy, an inventor, innovator, and entrepreneur who owned a vast trading and mercenary empire back in Gwynn’leith. Her passion, however, was science. The harnessing of natural forces like lightning and wind, raging rivers, and the interactions of engineering and alchemy. When the Strife came, she turned to science to save who she could. She, and stepchildren, assistants, and workers, built voltaic constructs to help defend the towns, especially her home city of Balorfel. She began work using the feral creatures around to create massively powerful animal-soldiers, becoming desperate as the press of beasts and Living Dead began to tap the resources of her home. People flocked to Balorfel to accept the protection of her inventions, taxing that strength even more. Her voltaic constructs held up, at first, but as they fell, she worked feverishly to complete her hybrid army. Nothing seemed to be working. Finally, during a massive storm, as it seemed that Castle Balorfel would finally fall, her army rose, and fought back the darkness, and scattered into the night. No trace was found of Imilce Lectr and most believed she had been destroyed by her creations, the Feral, or had sacrificed herself to the Dark Powers to give her creatures life.


Relegated to a minor house after their disgrace, the Secret Keepers, this House has long been a repository for lore, both current and ancient, and acts as a clearinghouse for secrets and history both.  If you are dedicated to being in House Drakken, please contact Staff and they will work with you.