If you have already LARPed before, much of this will be old news, but if not, or if you have never been involved in "NERO-style" weekend LARPing, look this over first.

What to expect if you decide to play (PC):

Hollow Dawn is a NERO-style Live Action Role-playing Game.  Much like D&D or Shadowrun, you will make a character using the rulebook, which will tell you what powers you have, how much damage you do, etc.

You will have to outfit yourself with weaponry (made out of safe foam), costuming, and armor that you will use in-game.

Each game (of which there are only three planned for 2022) you will come to a campsite (with cabins and bunks) and game will generally start on Friday night.  You will be in-game, and in-character, until Sunday mid-day or so.  You will sleep, eat, and go to the bathroom in-game.  While in game, you will find many adventures.  A young man might right into town asking for people to help him deal with a wounded demon (which you might either finish off, or heal up and free).  A horde of worm-men might wander into one of the far campsites and their cries for help may interrupt your lunch.   The local Warder might need protection while she puts up the special defenses to keep the Living Dead out at night and may offer you a little money to do just that.  There may be Grimmlings wandering from cabin to cabin in the dead of night, looking for a friend.  Some might even be strong enough to pull down the protective spells that keep the cabins safe at night.


Some number of meals will be provided as part of the cost of the game.  Generally this will be Saturday and Sunday breakfast and Saturday dinner, and then other food will likely be available for purchase with in-game coin.

There will also be an overarching plot that stretches across all three events, with sub-plots that will find natural story-beats for each of the three events.

You can choose to play the game either as an individual, or a loner, or on a team.  There are a number of Lineages that are a part of the setting that will always be looking for useful and eager individuals, who will help keep you safe and make sure you have what you need.  These teams will have their own sub-plots, as will the Cults, guilds, and other organizations that you can join.

After each weekend, you will be able to advance your character so that you will have more power, survivability, and options in the next one.

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