We decided when creating this LARP to put together a small committee to help guide us in the ethical creation of this project. While they will have other jobs for the LARP, these six staff members will provide senior guidance and leadership.

Michael Paxton

Logistical Director

Michael has 30 years of LARPing in both Hawaii and Colorado. His experiences include Amtgard, IFGS, Alliance, Dystopia Rising, and GEAS. He has held various leadership positions in many of these systems including producing and writing games for IFGS, serving as General Manager for Alliance LARP, and co-creating the annual Amtgard fighting event, Sword Knight Boot Camp. When he’s not LARPing, Michael works in IT for the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Broomfield, Colorado.  You can contact Michael here.

William Haddon

Creative Director/Rules

Will’s been LARPing for more than 25 years, with experience in IFGS, Amtgard, GEAS, and Alliance LARP systems. He is a game designer and writer, and the originator of the Geas 5.0 rules system. His previous experience includes serving on the IFGS rules committee for their 7.0 and 8.0 versions, holding various leadership positions in Amtgard and IFGS, and founding the original GEAS system. Will is the owner and lead foamsmith of Colorado Foamforge, a LARP and cosplay properties company based in Longmont, Colorado. You can contact William here.

Dia Campbell

Aesthetics Director

Dia has been larping since she was old enough to sign her own consent form, and has been proud to be a part of a wide variety of games, boffer and nordic, across the country and abroad. She served on the IFGS board, is on the Alliance national diversity committee, and is devoted to the ideal of creating living, breathing worlds for players to inhabit. She is here for all of your aesthetic and immersion needs, and you can contact Dia here.

Mac Fawkes

Player Coordinator

Mac has been LARPing since 2001, with a primary focus in the NERO and Alliance systems although he also has experience with 7th Sea, Vampire: Requiem, Dystopia Rising, and smaller home-brewed systems. As the director of both NERO Empire and Alliance Denver’s Logistics programs, he was often the first point of contact for new players for over 8 years, and emphasized patience and professionalism to support easy understanding of rules, customs, and community. When not engaging in collaborative storytelling, Mac works as an in-home pediatric speech-language pathologist serving the northern Denver Metro area. You can contact Mac here.

Jeff Loats

Plot Logistics/Player Representative

Out of the entire team, Jeff Loats has been LARPing the longest.  Starting with IFGS in the late 80s, Jeff has written, produced and played in over 20 IFGS events. In addition, Jeff spent two years on the Alliance Denver plot team writing and running content. You can contact Jeff here.

Calidan Fierce vs. Rivervale - Aug 2014.
Taylor Kaiman

Rules and Plot Committee Member

Taylor began larping in 2015 with Alliance, and since has experience with Dystopia Rising, IFGS, and several nordic-style games. He helped produce Alliance’s 2018 National game, and continues to be Head Rules Marshal for Alliance Denver. In his own time, Taylor graduated recently with a degree in Chemistry and works as an Analytical Chemist for Newmont Mining. You can contact Taylor here.