We wanted to put out some information on how the registration process is going to go for Hollow Dawn October 9th and 10th Mod day. 

Step One: Mod Day Team Registration

The first step is to have your team leader fill out the Team Registration Form if you have an established team of 5-6. If you do not have a team there is a choice to register as a solo player and include details to help us find you a team. 

This form will let Plot and Logistics know who you have planned to play on your team, along with your preferred day. Due to the nature of the teams for this event, you will register a team of 5 or 6 players and the Plot team will assign two teams a slot to try and cover all the types of classes most helpful to have a successful adventure. To ensure we match teams well, the sooner you get your registration and character cards in the better, but the deadline will be September 30, 2021 at midnight.


Step 2: Vaccine Information

All players must follow the instructions at to send Logistics your vaccine information. You will get one courtesy email ahead of the event. Failure to follow this protocol will lead to your event fee being refunded and the player being unable to participate in the event. The deadline for getting this to Logistics is Wednesday 10/6/2021.

Step 3: Character Cards

All players must go to Character Builder Sheet and make a copy of the blank card. Fill out your character card and email it to Logistics ( with your Player Name - Character Card as the subject line. We have some tools on how to handle character cards and armor evaluations here. Please try and get these over to us as soon as possible so plot can configure teams. The deadline for these is Wednesday 10/6/2021. 


Step 4: Event Payment

Go to Mod Day Payment on the website and submit payment for your event. Payment is due by Wednesday 10/6/2021.

Step 5: Waivers

Currently we are accepting legal release waivers that were completed and given to logistics in 2019; however, if a player did not attend the Prologue event or otherwise provide us a waiver, we need a copy. You can make it easier and print it from here. I will also have a limited amount of copies at check in and will try to bring some to the Fighter Practice on September 26th.

Step 6: Character History (Optional)

You are encouraged to submit your character history to Plot so they may know more about your character. Even if you don’t send in a character history, you may choose to have the 3 extra CP for this game.  We want you to be able to play the character you are meaning to play next summer.  Please fill out the History Form to submit to Plot. 

Step 7: Aesthetics (Optional)

Players are allowed to spend Breed Points on flaws without reps for this event. However, you are highly encouraged to wear any reps you have and to email Aesthetics ( with any questions and requests for approval so you know if they will be valid for the game series. You can also ask questions on the Hollow Dawn Discord server to allow other players to see what Aesthetics is looking for.


For those interested in helping NPC for the event please fill out this form so that our Monster Mistress Trace can try and set you up with a role that fits with your interests. 


We are incredibly excited to host this Mod Day for you all! Please reach out for help on Discord, Facebook or via email. The sooner you get your information to us, the better we can spend our time preparing to run a fun event for you. 



The Hollow Dawn Team