Overview (what to expect) - Due to COVID, we had trouble securing a site for an overnight game this fall, but we wanted to at least do something for our players.  Instead, what we are doing is running a series of long-format mods (meaning six or more involved, higher production encounters), with 3 slots on Saturday and 3 slots on Sunday over the weekend of October 9th/10th.  Each mod will last between 4-5 hours and will be made up of 10-12 PCs (see below for registration information).


Time Slots:

  • Oct 9th - Saturday - 9:00 am

  • Oct 9th - Saturday - 10:00 am

  • Oct 9th - Saturday - 11:00 am

  • Oct 10th - Sunday - 9:00 am

  • Oct 10th - Sunday - 10:00 am

  • Oct 10th - Sunday - 11:00 am


Registration - In the next few weeks, we will be asking for PCs to sign up in groups of 5-6 PCs.  We are accepting 12 of these small groups and will combine them to form 6 larger teams.  If we can build balanced, viable teams of 12 all from the same Lineage, we will do so, but will likely have to split them up by 5-6 person groups.  You’ll be able to specify what day you’d prefer your group to be on in order to accommodate schedules. Once teams have been submitted to us, you’ll be able to send character sheets and character history (much like the prologue game two years ago) to us after that.  We will have more information about exactly how to submit these and where once we put out the pre-reg form.


In game timing/setting - This game will take place on the 9th and 10th of the month of Harvestmoon in the year 341.  So basically in real time in relation to the events next year for the main three-game series. We will have more pre-game information out as we get closer, such as where the mod day will be taking place in the game world and why you are being asked to help.


Cost - The cost for this event will be $10, which will mostly go to feeding our NPCs on both days (about $160 budgeted for 16 NPCs/Staff for two days).  We are also going to be renting the pavilion at Old Stonehouse on Sunday (it isn’t available on Saturday) which is about $145.  The rest of the funds will go to costumes and props. We will make an announcement once payments are open for this event and can be paid for through the Hollow Dawn shop on our website.

Location - The Bear Creek Greenbelt/Old Stonehouse. 2800 S Estes St, Lakewood, CO 80227 is the location at the Old Stonehouse.  We have a google map link here.


Date/Time - This event will happen on the weekend of October 9th/10th.  We will be running three slots during that day, looking to start the first slot at 9am, the second at 10am, and the third at 11am.  We’ll have more specifics on timing once we fill the team slots.  Please arrive 30-60 minutes ahead of your slotted start time so that we can make sure you are all checked in and ready to go when your time arrives.


Levels and Logistics - Logistics will work much like it did for the prologue event two years ago.  Your character will be 3rd level.  You’ll submit your character sheet (as well as a character history if you want the extra CP) to Logistics before the event.  You will not be tied to any build choices, so feel free to play around with what you might want to do next year.  


Immersion and Costuming - This will be taking place in a public park.  While we are attempting to costume and rep all of our props from a staff side, we don’t expect the same level from our players, especially if you do not feel comfortable dressing up in costumes in a public area.  It is entirely up to you how much costuming and immersion you wish to present.  We will be pretty lenient when it comes to Breed Points, giving you the benefit of the doubt as far as how many Breed Points you should have (even allowing for costuming you haven’t gotten/made yet).  Please be reasonable with this.


Starting Equipment - Our intent is that teams will get a base amount of starting coin/resources.  If you have a crafter on your team, you’ll be able to use those resources to pre-make any gear that you might want to use for the game.  For instance, if you have a Master Alchemist on your team, and you have some Night Prizes, Harvest and Alcohol, you can choose to make those into Trip before the game starts.  In addition, there may be crafting opportunities during the mod.  More information will be given as we get closer to the day of the event.


NPCing - Trace Moriarty is working on organizing our NPC squad for this event.  She will have a post with signups available in early September.  The rewards for NPCing will be 5 Service Points per day, a really cool custom HD water bottle, a sack lunch provided by the amazing Izzy Veldhuis, and our eternal gratitude. For more information on Service Points, click here. Stay tuned for more information.


COVID Protocols - Mandi, our Head of Logistics, has put together a set of COVID protocols in order to keep us safe. Part of the pre-reg process will be that you must show us proof of vaccination OR medical exemption from vaccination.  Please read the COVID page  for more information.

Facebook Event - You can find our Facebook event here.



Q: What if I don’t have all my phys reps for my breed, can I still get the Breed Points?

A: This is a great time to test out your breed phys reps, so we encourage players to wear them if possible.  However, we also understand that some pieces may not be complete but you still wish to test out the build for the character you will be playing next summer.  For that reason, you can still get Breed Points for pieces you are planning on repping but haven’t yet been able to.  Please do not abuse this.