Aesthetic flexibility- what it means, how it works, and how it applies to you!

Hi, players! The Aesthetics committee has started to get more inquiries about rep requirements and whether they can be flexed, and I want to say first how exciting it is to see your creativity! You’ve got great ideas, and the costume pieces and breed reps we’re seeing come through are amazing! We’ve gotten a really robust response to the breed rep system, and it’s exciting and gratifying to see your concepts coming to life! Our players are such a huge part of bringing this world to life, and we’re overwhelmed by the enthusiasm we’re seeing! We know that a lot of the breed reps are cumbersome, especially the ones with the highest build rewards- that’s by design. We wanted to try to provide compensation that was commensurate with the investment of sometimes money, but always effort and time that goes into both making and wearing these reps. At the same time, we’re trying hard to make sure that doesn’t become a system where we incentivize player discomfort, which is territory we seem to be verging on, due to boundless player enthusiasm. So we’d like to extend an offer- if you’ve got a creative idea to tweak one of the breed traits and make it your own, reach out and let us know! We’ll try to be both flexible and realistic about your ideas, and work with you to help you execute your reps in a way that really reflects the aesthetic you want for your character, and to reward that appropriately. Want to wear a mask instead of facepaint? Substitute a different heavy eye enhancement for contacts? Something else entirely? Reach out in the Costumes channel and tag @Dia, and I’ll try to work with you! Why the costume channel and not over email? Because I don’t want people to feel like they weren’t aware of new options opening up, and I definitely don’t want to offer accommodations and flexibility without transparency, to make sure there’s no sense of favoritism or unevenness! This does mean that you won’t be able to keep your super-special idea a secret or guaranteed to be completely unique, but it’s the only way to make sure that everyone has access to the same perks for the same reps. What are the requirements? 1. Like all breed reps, flexed reps are subject to approval! UNLIKE other breed reps, I cannot guarantee you that we’ll be able to review and approve your breed rep at the compensation level you’re expecting if you reach out after August. As a reminder, all approvals are encouraged to be handled in advance, by sending in photos, getting it approved at a fighter practice (not every fighter practice has a member of aesthetics available, so please pre-arrange if you want to do it this way), or arranging an in-person evaluation in some other way (I can be pretty flexible- reach out if you want to drop by the house or bring a rep to a social event you know we’re attending!). But if you have a standard rep arriving late, or not finished until shortly before game, we WILL be trying to evaluate those to give you build totals as close to game as possible. We cannot offer the same for flex reps. If you want to try something that’s a twist on a breed rep from the menu, we need you to submit those for approval before the end of August, via the costume channel. We may ask you to make tweaks to make sure that the immersion impact is comparable to the original rep description, or to take a slightly reduced build reward. Please be prepared to adjust ideas, and try not to invest too much time or money into a proof-of-concept before discussing it with us, to avoid disappointments! 2. Flex permission is not guaranteed, even if there’s a precedent. If you see one player submit (for example) a particular shoe as a substitute for hooves, you should not assume that you can substitute any shoe for hooves. Please show us your proposed substitution and get approval for it. If your shoe isn’t similarly immersive, we’ll let you know and work with you to bring it up to spec! 3. Where we can, Aesthetics will try to assist! If you need links to products we think will help, or instructions for processes, or any other support like that, we will do our best to share knowledge, and we ask that you also make an effort to share your immense knowledge with each other as a community! Any and all knowledge share from aesthetics will take place in the costume channel, and not over DM, to make sure that all players have equal access to shared information, tutorials, materials suggestions, etc.

We hope this helps you to bring your character to life in a way that feels unique, authentic to the character you wrote, and comfortable for a weekend of gaming! Thank you so much for being part of our community, and for leaping so enthusiastically into creating an immersive environment with us!

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