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Updated: Apr 11, 2019

In Hollow Dawn, players will get a chance to portray different "breeds". This is similar in other LARPs and role-playing games to what would called "races", "species" or "strains". Our aesthetics team has been hard at work at creating resources for players to get an idea an idea of the look and feel of each breed. For now we have put up some Pinterest boards for each breed to give you some inspiration.

One of the mechanics that we are introducing for breeds is the idea that no species physreps are required, but the more you want to rep as a player, the more crazy and in-depth you go, the more advantages you will get for your character. We want to incentivize players to really spend time and energy on their costuming yet still allow a player who wants to portray one of the breeds the ability to do so without investing a lot of time and/or energy in it, or without worrying about triggering skin allergies to prosthetics or paint, or wearing contacts that are incompatible with your prescription lenses.

Please note that while these boards are meant to provide inspiration, they are works in progress, and will continue to be updated. In particular, it is important to be aware that Hollow Dawn is taking steps to entirely divorce skin-tone from breed signifiers, and therefore all-over skin colors are not only not required, but are in fact disallowed as breed physreps - please do not plan to paint your Taltoi stark white or black, or your Cambion red, even if you see these colors represented on our inspiration boards!

Soon we hope to have some artwork to go with each breed as well to give you even more ideas of what they might look like along with some guidelines about their culture and place in the world. If you want to join the ongoing discussion, please check out our discord server.

Taltoi - Cambion -

The Morrigan - Eldani - The Feral -

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