Registration Information for Prologue/Tavern Night

As we approach the end of October, we wanted to release a bit more information about the Prologue/Tavern night but also about the application process we are putting into place for the three-game arc next summer.

First, our Tavern Night is happening on December 7th. We have a website setup where we have been releasing information on this tavern night. You can find out more if you go here -

Tavern Night Player Slots and Waitlists

For the Tavern Night, due to the size constraint of the site, we are capping our player spots at 42, and our NPC/Staff spots around 20. Our hope is on Wednesday November 6th we will be opening our pre-reg system for the Tavern Night at 10 am. You can find the link to the registration page below. Once you have filled out the google form (when it is released on the 6th) you will be e-mailed a link and code for our store so that you can pay the $20 game fee. This fee includes dinner that night, and NPC/Staff will not have a fee. If you register and are over the 42 we will either invite you to NPC, or you can choose to be put on a waiting list. We are asking all payments to be in a week before the game on November 30th at midnight. If we don’t have yours and you haven’t made any arrangements, we’ll offer that spot to the first person on the waiting list.

Our registration page can be found here -

Tavern Night Character Creation Events

Mac and his player coordination team will be hosting two character creation nights. On November 13th, at 7pm we will be having an online discord meeting where you can jump on and get help creating your character for the Tavern Night. Then, on November 23rd at noon, we will be hosting an in-person character creation day at Mac Fawkes house.

November 13th (Discord) Prologue Character Creation -

November 23rd (In Person) Prologue Character Creation -

Registration for the Hollow Dawn Three-Game Arc

Changing topics, I’d like to take a few minutes to talk about the registration process for the three-game arc next summer. We originally had a plan, but as things evolve here at Geas Gaming, changes are necessary. One comment that we heard loud and clear was that there was a lot of anxiety and worry about the application process. We have heard these concerns and are changing it up a bit. In early 2020, we will be releasing our full registration process for the games next summer. While we do have a current cap at 100 PCs and around 50 staff, we do have a plan in case we need to go slightly over that cap.

Hollow Dawn Code of Conduct

Lastly, here at Geas Gaming we want to be an open and inclusive community. With that being said, an important priority for us is that our community is safe. For this reason, I am re-posting our Code of Conduct. We expect all members of our community to abide by this if they wish to participate in our game. That can be found here: Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about it.

Thanks! Mike Paxton PS - I want to remind everyone that the December 7th Prologue/Tavern Night is still a playtest, and rules can/will change after this event. :)

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