Transparency regarding bans from other LARPs

We've promised to be transparent about the running of the game, and now is a time for that transparency. From the beginning, we've taken our community's safety seriously, and stated a commitment to addressing problematic behaviors, no matter who the player. As part of that commitment, we've stated repeatedly that we intend to honor bans from other larps, trusting in the judgement and careful consideration of our fellow game runners. As time has gone on, however, we have been approached with several bans, and our observation is that too often these bans are applied to members of the community who have shown themselves, time and time again, to be not just safe, but outstanding members of our game community. After discussion, the steering committee has concluded that assuming the leadership of games are always on the right side of history is short-sighted, and trusting others to make important decisions about our community is at best ill-considered, and more likely cowardly. Going forward, while we would like to be aware of bans, we will remain open to overlooking them, unless there is significant evidence that the banned player presents a threat to the game and other members of the community. As always, if you experience problematic behavior, we hope that you will continue to bring those reports to us, and trust us to act on those reports in good faith.

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