We wanted to put out some information on how the registration process is going to go for Hollow Dawn so that players who like to plan can have an idea of our process and timeline.

Step 1: Campaign Registration

The first step, is to fill out the Campaign Registration Form.

This form asks for some basic information about you and the character you are planning to play. By no means is this information final, but it does give us an idea of where player interests lie.  In exchange for you giving us this information, we will reserve a spot for the games that you indicate you are going to make it to. We will reserve the first 100 spots for each game on a first-come/first-served basis. Once those are full, we will place players on a wait list.

Step 2:  Payment, Character Cards and Event Registration
If you make one of those 100 slots, logistics will email you (it may take up to a week for a response) and let you know so that you can purchase a ticket for one of the three events from our store.  If you don't see a response with a week, check your spam folder and then contact logistics if you still don't see it. Once you receive the email, you will be able to pay for all or any of the events immediately. For each event, the cost of the ticket is listed at $1000 but your acceptance email will include a coupon code to reduce it down to the correct amount. Please do not pay for an event unless you have received an email invitation from us.  

In addition, before the first event, logistics will email out a form with instructions on how to submit your character card and how to finish registering for the game. 

Payment, Prices (includes full meal plan) and Due Dates:

Game #1 (May 29th-31th) - $100 

-- Character Cards, Payment and Pre-reg form due May 1st @ Midnight

Game #2 (July 31st - August 2nd) - $100

-- Character Cards, Payment and Pre-reg form due July 3rd @ Midnight

Game #3 (August 27th - August 30th) - $125

-- Character Cards, Payment and Pre-reg form due August 7th @ Midnight


Step 3: Character History (optional but encouraged)

You can choose to submit your character history.  If you do so, you gain 3 CP for your character.  The character history is due by April 26th to get credit for the first game, July 5th for the second game, and August 2nd for the third game.  Most likely, character histories will not be officially approved until some time in April.  To submit your history, fill out the Character Background Form.

Registration FAQ:

Q: What happens if you can’t make it to an event?

A:  Please let us know so we can open up that slot to another player as soon as possible.  


Q: Are there refunds for games I’ve paid for and cannot attend?

A: Yes.  We try our best to offer refunds when we can.  If you cancel at least two weeks prior to the event, email for a refund.  If it's within the two week window we will do what we can do refund your money but may not be able to refund all of it due to having to pre-purchase food.


Q: What does ‘full meal coverage’ mean?

A: We have a simple meal on Friday night, three meals on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday morning.  More information and menus will be released as we get closer to the event.


Q: What if I have a dietary allergy and can’t participate in the food plan? 

A: Just let us know at and we will refund the food portion of the ticket and work with you on a location to store and prepare your food for the weekend.  

Q: How do I sign up to NPC? 

A: If you don't wish to PC and wish to help out NPCing, we will be releasing information regarding that here in the next few weeks.

Q: Wow, it's a pretty expensive LARP, are there any options for those that can't afford it?

A: First of all, we are accepting spots for Full Time NPCs.  Not only is it free, but you also get free food for the weekend.  We are also looking at creating some workstudy/scholarships for those that can't afford it.  You'd exchange helping us out in some aspect of running the game for a discount ticket.  Details are still being worked out but we will announce when/if we figure out to manage it.  



The Hollow Dawn Team