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Registration for the Tavern Night is now live. You can pre-register as either a NPC or PC.  The cost will be $20 and after you pre-register, we will send you link on how to pay.  Payment will be due on December 1st.  

Pre-register for Tavern Night Here

See if you are confirmed for the playtest (updated 11/10/2019)


Q:  How do I pre-reg if I want to play a Draugr?
A:  For the playtest, you will register as a PC and pay the $20.  You will not be required to take a downtime shift (NPCing) at the playtest.

Q:  Do I need to pre-reg if I'm a staff or already told you I wanted to NPC?

A:  Please do so.  That what we have confirmed interest for you.  We will update the spreadsheet above with your name.

The registration process for our normal three game arc will be announced near the end of 2019.  If you are interested in helping out backstage as a staff member, please contact us at info@hollowdawnlarp.com.