One thing that any LARP will die without is Service. There is an army of volunteers, helpers, writers, portrayers, and other staff who make the game run. Without them, there are no players, no game, and nothing more than these rules on a page. In Hollow Dawn, those who put out effort to make the game better, or make it run at all, are awarded with Service Points. These Points can be offered by Staff for various help, for donations, or other benefits to the group.  You can check below on any service points you may have gained or used.  

You can find specifics on how service points are gained and lost in the service chapter of the rules.  If you would like to spend any service points, you can contact


Service Points Tracking Sheet

(If you did something for us, and it isn't on here, PLEASE let know)

Service Point Task List

(If you are looking to earn some SP, here are some tasks we need help with, just contact a staff member)