The First Lich, though, had not ceased to be nor had he ceased fighting for those under his care.  He drove back the Dark Powers as much as his immense but inadequate powers would allow.  It is believed that to stop the Dark Powers of The Land from destroying his people another requirement was made of him.  The Laws.  He laid down the Laws and swore that anyone who disobeyed them would lose his protection and be abandoned to the long night.  The Laws are absolute, and the slightest disobedience calls his attention, or the attention of his Curates.

These Laws are:
1.      Each gift of life must be paid for with blood.
2.      No animal will be made to walk as the living dead, nor returned to life from death.
3.      The number of 6 and 1 will never be spoken, and groups of 6 and 1 will be avoided.
4.      The Truename will be cherished and kept and not sullied with lies.
5.      No life will ever be wagered on a game of chance.
6.      A line of white sand will not be crossed.
6 and 1. None shall leave the Land.

The First Lich feels the lives and deaths of his People like he feels the blood that once flowed through his veins.  At each new birth, his shadow attends, whispering in the child's ear a Truename, a powerful name that is the key to that babe's soul.  The Lich also whispers the spell that locks the Truename and makes it so that the newborn one might never lie about her Truename, though she may always remain silent.

We have our own strange rules and taboos as well.  To speak of the living dead or of the business of slaying is a taboo during the hours when the sun shines upon the Land.  To speak of such things is to offend and shock.  It is also a taboo, in most of the villages on the coast, to speak of the Veil.  The Veil is a dark curtain of night that cuts through the land.  The First Lich lives beyond that black wall and when he calls to us to send him our elderly, or our husbands, or children, they pass beyond that dread curtain never to be seen again.  To speak of one who has been called, or to speak to them as if they were alive are things that none should do.  They have already gone; their fates are sealed.  Those who come out of the Veil do not come through it.  Here and there, throughout the years, individuals or groups have come here from many elsewheres, wondering why their Gods no longer hear them, or begging to go home.  Many were brave knights or great Kings in their old lands, or so they say, but here they are refugees, lost souls who must be taught the Laws.