So this is the world in which we live now.  Over the centuries, we have built our world so that we might live.  Our villages, like Dun Raithe or Tair Glain, have been wrapped around in the Great Wards of the Warders so that the undead may not enter.  From these havens of light and community strike the Slayers, warriors dedicated to their single purpose of returning the living dead to the Long Sleep.  They are an order of warriors dedicated to their purpose. The Necromancers, those who "speak with the dead", also make the choice between the cruel but protective powers of the First Lich or the evil, seductive ways of the Dark Powers.  Those who side with the First Lich, called "white" necromancers, use their powers to fend off the undead and aid the Slayers and the villages of the People.  Those who side with Death and her Dark Powers, are the "black" Necromancers and they can cast the Breaking and live outside the Laws.  These Necromancers desire the power, the control and the magic that comes from control the undead legions.  Lastly, there are those of us who keep The Story.  We are passed the knowledge of our mothers and our mothers before them.  In other places we have been called Wisewomen or Wisemen and we predicted the weather and helped the crops.  We are Lorekeepers and explorers, craftsmen and inventors, and we collect the knowledge and keep the Stories of our villages and our People to pass down through the centuries to come.  We are the Wisen. 

This is the town of Tair Mar, the welcoming place, one of a series of towns dedicated to collecting the bounty of the otherworlds.  A century ago, the People had begun fighting amongst each other, making the jobs of Weren and Living Dead that much easier.  They fought over the normal things: wealth, land, power.  It got so bad that the First Lich himself ended the violence, granting certain lands and certain responsibilities to each of the great Lineages that threatened his People.  Now each must contribute to the common good or be destroyed. There are five great bloodlines, now called Houses to encompass all the allies, adopted wards, and other people who work for and with the pureblooded members of each lineage. Straavin, masters of civility and studied politicians, who often take the job of keeping the peace, and the wealth.  Bathor, known for being willing to perform any deed, make any sacrifice no matter how dark, for the greater good.  Borgias, alchemists and poisoners, who trade in the secret information between the towns.  Lectr, with this mysterious ways, always experimenting and trying to move forward the land in th e name of progress and science.  Alucard, the warriors, who believe in straightforward war against the monsters of the dark, and who fill the ranks of the Slayers and white Necromancers.  There are also lesser Houses, who seek to aid where they can, but always hope to find that one score, that one move, that will get them the eye of the First Lich and grant them their place at the table among the great bloodlines.    The will of the Houses and their great lords are not the only powers, though.  Although none would likely admit it, many have found the need to seek power and safety from… more discreet sources.