There is likely no truth to the rumors of vast Cults connected to the dark fae, or beholden to the great blooddrinkers, or even the Dark Powers themselves.  Some have said that they have secret signs and words to identify each other, and that they perform special rituals in the private places of the Land.  Only fools and simpletons believe these things: that there are secret societies dedicated to turning pleasure into power, or who act as secret police for the First Lich.  It is fantastical to even entertain the idea that the Duchess walks the Land, granting strength to those who feed her.It has been lain upon us in the border towns by the First Lich to accept in those who come from other worlds, to teach them and help them survive under his rule, to accept the Laws, and help fight back the dark.  The Houses have been given shared responsibility for both welcoming and utilising these newcomers and their wealth.  They work together to keep back the night, all while they compete to explore and reclaim the lands beyond the Veil (pushing back the Veil when they can) and snatch up the visitors.

We are strong for a town with no Great Ward, for we are a good people.  We have the Bone Doors, that lead to many places in The Land, at only the cost of a few drops of blood.  Tair Mar is home to many long-lived Eldani, beautiful and graceful, but also the Cambion, half-demons born from those corrupted by the powers of the Underworld.  There are the Feral, animal hybrids that are feared and mistrusted because of their similarity to the predatory Weren.  Taltoi, the drinkers of blood and milk, who wield the darker powers of the fae, mix freely with the Morrigan, the warlike wild-people of the plains.  You are welcome here, too. 

There are ways to leave the Land and some have done so.  But to return to the places we came from is to tempt the fates.  We do not know if the bloody gods of the other place have gone or whether returning to that place is to return to hell.  No, it is a far better life we have here.  Welcome to the Land, you are People now.

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