Hollow Dawn is being run at Meadow Mountain Ranch, a Girl Scout Camp located in Allenspark, CO, approximately 1 hour, 30 minutes from central Denver.

Instructions for arriving on site:

  • Where to park will be announced as we get closer.

  • For loading in and loading out, the roads are very tight.  Please do not drive up your car until you are ready to load/unload.  Especially for leaving the site, it's important that all of your gear is packed and right by the road before you get your car.

  • Bears have been seen in the area, therefore it's important that all food is kept in either the bear boxes (located at each campsite circle) or in the food storage shed at the Larkspur campsite.

  • We will have more information about how cabins will be assigned as well as an in-game explanation of the site as we get closer to game.

  • The elevation of the site is around 8500'.  For many people coming in from out of town, this may be your first time LARPing at this elevation. Please remember to stay hydrated and take breaks as needed to rest and recover your breath.

  • Tabins at this site are not insulated. They are wooden structures with canvas tops (see picture below).

  • Food and kitchen access will be announced as we get closer. Your fee for Hollow Dawn will include a full meal service for the weekend.

  • In order to make sure we will have access to this campsite for the future, we will be implementing a cleanup policy much like they use in Dystopia Rising.  More information on this as we get closer to the event.

Address - 757 Co Rd 101, Allenspark, CO 80501. (Google Map Link)

Out of game site map can be found here.
Photos of the site can be found here

Meadow Mountain Ranch - Meeker Tabins

Meadow Mountain Ranch - Meeker Tabins