Time on Site:

Gates open for PCs at 4:00 PM.  NPCs and staff may show up earlier; we will be communicating more details about this as we get closer. 

Opening Ceremony and Game On:

We will have a short opening ceremony at the Bastion (tavern) starting at 8:30 PM with the goal for a layon at 9:00 PM.


Game Off:

Game off will be at 12:00 pm on Sunday. We will immediately have closing ceremonies at the Bastion (Tavern) at this time. We are requiring everyone to help contribute to a cleanup shift (see below) to get offsite by 4 pm at the latest.


Address and Directions:

Our event is happening at JCC Ranch Camp.  The address is 21441 N Elbert Rd, Elbert, CO 80106. You can find a link to the google map here.  When you arrive, the gate should be closed. Once you are through, please close the gate behind you whether you find it closed or open.


Unloading and Loading:

It’s very important that you drive slowly around the camp as the camp managers are very serious about not speeding.  Please do not drive fast.  Once you have arrived at the camp, feel free to drive on the road, 


No matter what, please do not drive or park on the grass.  Please park on the side of the road.  The site has been very specific about this in the past.  


In-game maps of the area can be found here on the World Tome page.  These maps show the boundaries of where we will have plot take place, as well as indicate some out-of-game areas that we will be using for mods and other special activities.  

An out-of-game map of the site can be found here.



Once you’ve unloaded, please park at the northern end of the site, just west of the soccer field.



All of the cabins have electricity. It is possible to trip breakers if too much electricity is used, so please don’t overload them. You may use electric cooking devices inside your cabin and propane stoves are allowed on the porch if you wish to cook anything yourself.


Logistics Location and Check In:

Logistics will be setup in the Tavern for check in starting at around 6:00 pm.  Upon check in, you’ll get a copy of your character card and starting wealth. The exceptions to this are Borgias, Bathor, and Straavin.  Due to the donation to the team gofundme rewards, we’ll deliver your starting gear and sheets to your cabins for anyone that has fully turned in all waivers and proof of COVID vaccinations. 


We are not doing official weapon checks for this game with the exception of any LARP arrows. If you need these checked, please stop by NPC camp, under the tavern.


Cabin Assignments and Camp/Town Map:

Team Alucard - Cabin 12. (North Camp)

Team Bathor - Cabin 14. (North Camp)

Team Borgias - Cabin 7 (South Camp)

Team Lectr - Cabin 6. (South Camp)

Team Straavin - Cabin 10. (North Camp)



  • Kat A and Chris F will be staying with House Borgias. 

  • Ben N and Jason M will be staying with House Lectr.

  • Jon C will be staying with House Alucard.

  • Arin will be staying with House Bathor.


NPCs - Under Tavern (you can check in at NPC HQ under the tavern)


Tavern and Meal Plan:

The one big restriction we have with the site is that because we are using a Jewish Community Center camp, only kosher food is allowed within the tavern building. This restriction is only with the tavern and not with any other location on site. Our meal plan is fully kosher. Please do not bring your own food or drink into the tavern at all without checking in advance with Izzy V.


For full information about the meal plan here.


Bathrooms and Showers:

There are three bathrooms on site. NPCs who would like to shower may use the North or South bathroom.  

  • North Camp, near cabin 12. (includes hot showers)

  • South Camp, near cabin 3. (includes hot showers)

  • Tavern Bathroom


Fire Safety:

Due to fire safety concerns in Colorado, absolutely no fires are allowed on site.


COVID Safety:

As we have announced, we are requiring every participant to be vaccinated with at least one booster shot. If you are feeling ill, please stay home.  We will fully refund event fees to anyone who is feeling ill or tests positive for COVID before the game and cannot attend. If you have any questions about our COVID policy, please contact Logistics.



LARP sites are very difficult for Colorado LARPs to procure.  For this reason, we are requiring everyone who participates to help out with a cleanup shift in addition to cleaning up their own cabin. NPCs and staff will help cleanup NPC camp and mod spaces. We will have more information about the cleanup procedure at closing ceremonies. We need to be completely off site by 4:00 pm at the latest.


Cleanup Assignments