Here is a list of the staff for Hollow Dawn.  We have removed last names for privacy reasons.

Plot Committee -

The Plot Committee is responsible for writing all of the story content for the LARP.

Michael P. - Head of Plot
William H. - Creative Lead

Dia C.

Jeff L.

John S.

Taylor K.
Trace M. - Monster Camp Lead
Devorah M. - Guest Writer

Aesthetics Committee -

The Aesthetics Committee is responsible for producing the visual look and feel of Hollow Dawn.

Dia C. - Head of Aesthetics
Leora W.

Mandi M.

NIck R.
Devorah M.

Food Committee -

The Food Committee is responsible for providing the meal plan and food for the weekend.

Izzy V - Head of Food

Josh L.

Logistics and Tech Committee -

The Logistics and Tech Committee is responsible for providing the technology and process for registering for the game.

Mandi M. - Head of Logistics
Shane P - Logistics/Character Builder

Jordan J - Tech and Visual Arts.

Player Rep Committee -

The Player Rep Committtee is a group of staff that are dedicated to helping new players create new characters, assisting them in finding a place in the LARP, and lastly being the ones to handle any PC issues.

Mac F. - Lord of Liaising

Shane P.​

Jeff L.
Sam R. (Community Events)

Dia C. (Community issues and consent)

Rules Committee

This is the committee that is leading the rules creation for Hollow Dawn.

William H. - Head of Rules.

Nissa O. 
Mac F. - Ritual System (plus more)
Jeff L.
Taylor K.- Ritual System (plus more)
Dia C. - Ritual System (plus more)
John S. - Crafting System
Mike P. - Crafting System

Steering Committee

Please click here for more information on the Steering Committee.