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Here is a list of the staff for Hollow Dawn.  We have removed last names for privacy reasons.

Plot Committee

The Plot Committee is responsible for writing all of the story content for the LARP.

Michael P. - Head of Plot
William H. - Creative Lead

Dia C.

Doug D.

Jeff L.

Ian M.

Taylor K.
Trace M. - Monster Camp Lead
Devorah M. - Guest Writer
Cassie R.

Aesthetics Committee

The Aesthetics Committee is responsible for producing the visual look and feel of Hollow Dawn.

Dia C. - Head of Aesthetics
Doug D.

Leora W.

Mandi M.

NIck R.
Devorah M.

Food Committee

The Food Committee is responsible for providing the meal plan and food for the weekend.

Izzy V - Head of Food

Josh L.

Josh W.

Karlee N.

Logistics and Tech Committee

The Logistics and Tech Committee is responsible for providing the technology and process for registering for the game.

Mandi M. - Head of Logistics
Shane P - Logistics 

Izzy V - Creator of the Customer Management Application.

Jordan J - Tech and Visual Arts.

Player Rep Committee

The Player Rep Committtee is a group of staff that are dedicated to helping new playres create new characters, assisting them in finding a place in the LARP, and lastly being the ones to handle any PC issues.

Mac F. - Lord of Liaising

Cassie C.
Kelly K.

Sean M.
Shane P.​

Dia C.

Rules Committee

This is the committee that is leading the rules creation for Hollow Dawn.

William H. - Head of Rules.

Nissa O. 
Mac F.
Jeff L.
Taylor K.
Dia C.
John S. - Crafting System
Mike P. - Crafting System

Other Positions

These are other positions that are not large enough for their own committee.

Nissa O. - Safety Officer

Steering Committee

Please click here for more information on the Steering Committee.