Tair Mar

Two years ago, on the day the crows were silent, a pack of six Feral heard the sound. They were about twenty miles southwest of Tair Glain, hunting the edge of the Veil for raiding worm-men. The sound was exactly like a tearing, like paper and metal and flesh all mixed together, but the pack all agreed that something had torn. Out of the tear in the Veil itself, as the sun dropped below the horizon, came someone. Each of the six saw something different, but all agreed that it was human or Taltoi, and strangely beautiful. When the woman spoke, all six agreed that they felt no fear. One of them, Jivanna, was keeping a log of their journey. The writings she left behind indicate that they simply felt like the newcomer belonged, that she was meant to be there. Jivanna did not record what was said, only that afterwards they parted ways and the Feral returned to their village.

Curates had a chance to interview all six of the group before they died eight days later of multiple organ failures. Notes from one of the Curates indicate that their blisters, when lanced, expelled a burning, acrid sputum that ate through flesh. The rest of the village was deceased within another fortnight.


Straavin, Bathor, Borgias, Lectr, and Alucard were all visited by the First himself. They were told to make good on their oaths. He had let them survive so that they could provide for the common good, and now they would serve, in word and deed.  Each was to send a contingent of people and resources to build a new town, called Tair Mar, two miles from the tear. The Curates would mark the spot, and work on a road from Tair Glain to Tair Mar would begin immediately, headed by the Borgias who had some strength there. With their resources so close, Borgias was also asked to provide for the mental and spiritual well-being of the new town. Straavin sent Lady Virtue to help coordinate the efforts and supplied a majority of the straight Coin needed for the project. Bathor, under Lord Dominic, sent Warders and a small group of Rhaesh Morrigan. Lectr took charge of observation and investigation of the tear itself. Alucard marched, providing guards for the tear and committed three Paladins to establish order in Tair Mar and coordinate the investigation of the events. The purpose of this town would be to both guard against, and carefully investigate the tear. The Curates confirmed that the tear did not exist on the Other side of the Veil. 


It has taken almost eight months to get the first real strength into the area, to raise up the common buildings and tabins that would house the meager population of the town. There was some sense of urgency, but nothing else had happened. The tear seems to have closed, or if it remains, it is undetectable by any craft we have. The mysterious person has not been seen again. One Clan of Morrigan up near Nor Huin said they had lost a hunting party and found them later, dead of horrific diseases and suppurating wounds. As they had already burned the bodies, the Curates were unable to determine if the deaths were related.


The year is 342; the First says we need to be ready.