Tools and Resources

We have a google forms to aid you in building your character.


  • Character Builder 2.5 (October 2022)

    • Go the link above.​

    • Select File, then Make a Copy.

    • Follow the instructions Here to fill out your card.

    • Edit and Fill in details about your character.

    • Note - Some calculations are not done automatically.

    • If you are filling this out for an event be sure to place it in your character folder. You can browse to your character folder by clicking on the Character Resources Google Drive link below and clicking on the Character Information Folder.

  • Character Resources Google Drive 

    • Blank Item Cards

    • PC Info Folders

    • Artwork

    • Blank Info Cards

  • Mastercraft Guidelines - These are rough guidelines so that players have an idea of what they may gain by taking the Mastercraft skill.