One of the top goals of this project from the very beginning was to be as transparent about the way we operate as an organization as we can.  Not all LARPs are able to do this due to constraints placed on them by national organizations, or business structure. One of the reasons we decided to run Hollow Dawn under Geas Gaming (a non-profit) is that it gave us more leeway in showing the process of how to build a LARP from the ground up with our community. Building and running a LARP from the ground up is very difficult, and hopefully some of the lessons we are learning will be helpful to others that someday might dream to do a similar project.  

If you have any questions about Hollow Dawn, Geas Gaming, LARP, sites, insurance, financial records, staffing, plot, you can e-mail me at Also if you don't feel comfortable reaching out to me, you can e-mail any of the steering committee as well.

I can't ensure that I'll have the answer for you all the time, but I will attempt to at least get you as much information as I can.


Michael Paxton - CEO - Geas Gaming

William Haddon - CCO - Geas Gaming